The Hayloft's $10,000 "Sign My Band" Contest - Finals

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After nearly 8 months of slam dunk competition, The Hayloft's $10,000 "Sign My Band" Contest finally came to an exhilarating climax Saturday night as the Final 5 bands faced off head-to-head in an onstage battle to determine the winner of this marathon event. It was not only for that big fat check for $10k, but also a development deal with NTE Records, a 5-Song EP from Metro 37 Studios, and a Headlining Spot at this years X-Fest! Starting back in January, weekly preliminary rounds were held with 4-5 bands each night and the nightly winners received cash prizes, and moved onto the Semi-Final Rounds where the process was repeated. Eventually, 4 Semi-Final Winners and a Wild Card Selection found themselves at The Hayloft in downtown Mt Clemens thispast Saturday in an all-out throwdown that had the venue teeming with bodies inside & out! First up was the young rockin blues band,
just beginning as the judges gathered their votes to determine who would become the winner of the Hayloft's first "Sign My Band Contest". By the looks of it the judges had their hands full trying to score this one as it looked like a close call between 3 out of the 5 bands, but in the end, Cody Stagefright was announced the winner, sending an already hot and crazy Hayloft crowd into jubilation & disappointation all in the same moment. But in the words of Pauly V of Lithium, it isn't if you win or lose, it's how you "Played" the game, a point a lot of bands need to heed. You see, the fact is that although Cody Stagefright took home the goods, every band who entered the contest won, exposing them selves AND their music to hordes of new fans who they may never of had a chance to play in front of. Now I'm sure that's small consolation to these last five bands, but in the end, every band won tonight, and we here at Dr2 would like to thank each and every one of them for putting on such tremendous sets, from Hall Road High, Lithium, Ryan Horizon Band, The Make and Cody Stagefright, you're all winners in our eyes! Dr2 would also like to thank Mike and the rest of the crew from the Hayloft for hosting such an event, not an easy task in today's economic turmoil, and we look forward to the 2nd Edition of "Sign My Band" in 2011!! Hall Road High, and boy did they slap us around, at times sounding like a Humble Pie throwback, this power trio had their fans slamming each other on the Hayloft floor. With the temperature nearing 90 inside, wildcard selection Lithium cooked up one of thee best sets of the night, opting to open their set from behind a huge white curtain that tossed their silhouettes to the crowd before dropping to the stage in one huge bombastic interlude that whipped the Hayloft crowd into a frenzy! Keep an eye out for the band's new website @ coming soon! Ryan Horizon Band has been stirring up the waters around town lately, and tonight they brought out a boat load of fans for their set of mind blowing alt rock. Riding high on the waves rolling through the Hayloft, RHB delivered their trademark high energy set, deploying their own tantalizing light show that was as mesmerizing as their catchy tunes! Dr2 had yet to see the following band, The Make, an extremely young band that knew how to dress to impress, all donning matching outfits that had us reminiscing about the Romantics. The final band of the night is one that Dr2 has been following since its "pre-inception", Cody Stagefright, now in its third year. What began as a solo act during "Mic Rob's" (Natives of the New Dawn) Open Mic night up in the Rock Room, grew to a duo with Chris O & Jim W blowing us away every Wednesday Night before they bowed out and began their travels towards what is now known as Cody Stagefright. Tonight, this group of exceptionally talented musicians blew the roof off the Hayloft with their infectious, soulful, rocking, blues-rap that had the crowd dancing on their feet the entire set. Nothing short of spectacular, these guys bring a show every time they play, tossing out glitter along the way before stuffing a leaf blower full of money and turning it on the crowd, a delightful blowjob to say the least as everyone scrambled to pick up the cash! But the scramble for cash was reallyImage - The Only Place For Local Music News & Reviews!!!


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