Alternative Press Fall Ball Tour @ Clutch Cargo’s

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Alternative Press Fall Ball Tour @ Clutch Cargo's

Every Avenue Created A Tsunami @ Clutch Cargo's
The AP Fall Ball Tour kicked off last Friday in Detroit, well actually Pontiac at Clutch Cargo's with a slew of today's hottest bands including co-headliners The Academy Is & Mayday Parade. With the Detroit Area being the undisputed king of rock & roll, it came as no surprise to Dr2 that AP chose Clutch Cargo's to kick-off this ferocious tour. It also came as no surprise that when support act, Set Your Goals, had to cancel their first four appearances on the tour that they turned to you guessed it, the Detroit area, once again, calling on local heroes Every Avenue out of Marysville to fill the vacated spot, sending an already exciting concert right over the top for Dr2 & Crew! Being called upon late in the afternoon on the day of the show, a lot of bands, who tour as often as Every Avenue, just may have turned this one down as the guys were back home for a few days resting up for their extended flight the following morning, heading across the pond once again for a 1 week tour through the UK!


Every Avenue Was Added to The Show @ 4pm
After some fine sets by Secret Handshake and Set Your Goals in front of the rabid crowd that filled CC's, it was Every Avenue's turn to take charge of the sold out room! Proving their worth, Every Avenue turned what was a rabid crowd into nothing short of pure mayhem as they blasted through a 3o minute set of favorites that included Think of You Later, then sent the crowd into a frenzy by finishing out their set with their mega hit Where Were You?


What a sight to see, 1,000 plus jumping, surfing, & moshing to a home grown

Crowd Surfing Heaven!
Michigan band on what will surely be a successful tour, setting the stage for The Academy Is & Mayday Parade to ride out the wave that Every Avenue sent rolling their way.


If you are of the mindset that no one goes to live shows anymore, then you are dead wrong, just take a look at the photos over at the Dr2 Photo Gallery for proof positive that "live" music is alive and well, you just need a product that people want! Every Avenue will be back in the D October 14th to, you guessed it, kick off another tour in Detroit, this time "The Traveling Talent Show" featuring The White Tie Affair & Every Avenue at Saint Andrews Hall, and if that's not enough to keep these guys busy, they drop their latest album, "Picture Perfect" on November 3rd! - The Only Place for Local Music News & Reviews!

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