“Share The Stage” Contest Finals

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“Share The Stage” Contest Finals

 What a wild night last Thursday was for the Finals of the 89X-Live Nation “Share The Stage” Contest held over at TNT’s where the winner of this contest was named to open at a major local venue for a national act. Without a doubt, this night had some major implications for one lucky band, and with tonight’s line-up of Konitption Fit, SyPher, Maceri, Lies Unknown, & Lithium, Dr2 knew it would be a packed house and the line to get in confirmed it was going to be one hot night! Rolling through the door of TNT’s is an experience in and of itself let alone trying to greet all the Dr2 fan’s in da house, all the while just trying to get to our table for the night, props to our “adopted” Dr2 Daughter Juliana for making it all worthwhile! Dr2 must say, it was totally sweet seeing everyone out there tonight supporting their favorites as well as local music in general,  makes it hard to have to pick a “winner” seeing as everyone who’s playing original music in Michigan is already a winner in our eyes! Special guest Koniption Fit opened up the night with their re-arranged line-up which now is a 3 pc and now features Amber Kat on the bass. No doubt Jason Caine can shred a guitar, but the most startling revelation is the fact that “Kat” drops a pretty heavy bass line, fattening up the Fit’s power punk sound. Look for Koniotion Fit @ The Token Lounge this coming Saturday where they’ll be kick’n off their Midwest tour! Earning the contest’s opening spot was SyPher which finished 2nd in the first semi-final back on Sept 4th. Drawing from an ever increasing following, the guys ripped through their 7-song set much to the pleasure of their fans in attendance, even throwing in a new one along the way. Maceri won the 2nd semi-final 2 weeks ago by bringing in a huge crowd and boy did it look like they repeated that draw tonight, filling in the entire pit and then some. If there is one thing about Maceri it is the fact that their songs are super infectious, pulling you and seemingly the entire crowd into their world onstage, delivering a unique experience that you won’t soon forget. Speaking of crowds, Maceri brought enough in tonight to definitely put them in contention for that coveted opening slot; we’ll have to wait to see if the remaining 2 bands do better. Winners of the first semi-final, and a certain crowd pleaser, Lies  Unknown hit the stage next, leaving no doubt as to who was in first place so far tonight as damn near the entire TNT’s rock room was filled shoulder to shoulder with Lies Unknown fans. Truly holders of the complete package, Lies hit their fans right between the eyes, opening up with the exuberate Go, Go, You Know that is usually reserved for a later slot in the set before launching the entire room into an uncontrolled frenzy with their life anthem Woodward Avenue, sending the bouncers into the crowd to try to calm the ferocious mosh pit threatening to erupt, amazing! With his set list penned directly to his arm, Justin Alexander kept the intensity rising with each song hitting up the Dr2 Favorite Nowhere Fast as they put the pedal to the medal with She’s A Slut before closing out with Whoa Me & Let It Take A Hold wrenching every ounce of energy from the now rabid crowd! Check out the winning performance of She's A Slut below and you'll get an idea of the pure energy these guys deliver. If you’ve not caught these guys yet, do so before it’s too late, they won’t be staying small for long! After this display of fanatic fandom, there was no doubt as to who had the biggest crowd so far tonight until …… Lithium started to load in. As the L.U.S.T (Lies Unknown Street Team) member’s began their exit, the Lithium fans made their entrance! What a unique sight to see, almost like a vacuum filling a void, one set flying out, sucking in just as many to replace those who’ve left! Now the big question was who brought more? From our table front & center, it was impossible to guess since Lithium also filled TNT’s rock room shoulder to shoulder, giving us here at Dr2 an amazing feeling that we’re not alone in our love of Michigan Made Music! Playing big shows in front of big crowds is right up Lithim’s alley having played in a couple of these finals as well as having opened for the likes of Papa Roach, Tech9, Drowning Pool & Even Dope to name a few. Armed with an 8 song set list, Pauly and the guys brought out the heavy artillery tonight, nailing one of Dr2’s Favorite, This Emotion, a Eurhythmics’ re-make, and even had the entire crowd singing along during Melting Away, Lithium’s classic power ballad that does just that! The real highlight was their 9th unlisted song that featured one Powerdise of Critical Bill joining Lithium to trade vocals with Pauly on Beautiful People, when about half way through Critical Phil & Mike Scott came out of nowhere to join them onstage sending TNT’s into complete mayhem!

 What an unbelievable night of music that had everyone wondering just who would pull out the win on a night that saw some amazing sets from some amazing bands. After a quick count of the votes at the door, Cal Cagno of 89X was ready to deliver the news everyone was waiting for declaring Lies Unknown the winner of the “Share The Contest” and announced they would be opening up for The FloBots on October 23rd down at The Fillmore-Detroit! And in another well deserved surprise, Cagno also announced that for coming in such a close second that indeed Lithium will be getting their own opening slot to be named later. Congratulations to all who made this a night to remember, and don’t forget to heck out the photos from the night right here in the Dr2 Gallery. Detroit Rock Review-The Only Place For Local Music News & Reviews!


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