Country Music Invades Detroit!

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Whitey Morgan & The 78’s CD Release Party

 HeHaw! Country music invaded Downtown Detroit this past Saturday night inside the Lager House a legendary venue which is usually reserved more for the rock & roll emo types. But hey, things are changing around here and we’re seeing a sort of an emergence of Detroit Country that has quite a few local acts traveling between The D & Nashville, if not moving there completely. Check out the first act we caught tonight (actually the third act on but we were late) called The Deadstring Brothers, a fantastic country rock band straight out of Detroit that has somehow found itself getting ready to embark on a tour across the UK and then some! This ain’t your typical country, blending the hard edge vocals of Detroit with some gritty guitar gives the Deadstrings Brothers their own distinct sound, turning the lager house into a genuine Detroit Honky Tonk! With three discs to their name, The Deadstring Brothers played a wide variety of ass kickin Detroit country to a full house inside the Jerome P Cavanaugh Social Room, prompting Dr2 to search out a copy for ourselves! With a break in the action it was a perfect time to catch up with Danny Methric &  Don Doop Duprie who were also in the makeshift honky tonk, showing support as they always do, another reason Detroit rocks! With their new CD, Honky Tonks & Cheap Motels, under their arms, Whitey Morgan & The 78’s were the reason everyone was here tonight. Squeezing all the members of the band onto the Lager House stage was a feat in itself, yet it seemed a perfect fit with Whitey front & center and the 78’s occupying what little room was left. We’ve not seen these guys before either and were not quite sure what to expect, country twang or a little bit of rock n roll? But when they kicked it off, we were pleasantly surprised it was neither, but in fact it was a definitive sound unlike you’ve not heard for awhile, true American outlaw country! Bringing the Lager crowd back to the day with them Morgan & his band of 78’s wailed through what I believe to be most of the new disc, and then some. Stepping over empty glass beer bottles, you couldn’t help but feel you were somewhere else other than downtown Detroit, feeling more like a roadside stand in the heart of Texas. In fact, Whitey Morgan will be taking his 78’s with him as they begin to tour in support of the album, starting with a mega load of shows throughout Michigan & surrounding states before hitting up Texas, eventually performing at the SXSW Music Fest at Room 710 in Austin. Not bad for a bunch of renegade Michiganders looking to set the country music world on it’s ears, look for Whitey Morgan & The 78’s to return to Detroit at the Magic Stick on November 29th for the Deadstring Brothers “Downtown Honky Tonk” featuring Dirt Road Logic, Doop & The Inside Outlaws, and The Orbitsuns! Check out the new disc from Whitey Morgan & The 78’s over at their MySpace page, find them in our Top Friends over at the Dr2 MySpace page. To see more photos from the night just hop on up to the Dr2 Photo Gallery Page right here on Only Place For Local Music News & Reviews.

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