Kicking Out The Jams @ The Crofoot!

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Detroit Music Revolution: 40 Years To The Day

 If you did not make it out to the Crofoot last Thursday for the Detroit Music Revolution / 40 Years To The Day Celebration in honor of the MC5’s release of Kick Out The Jams as well as all music & artists from that time, then you did yourself one helluva a dishonor by missing maybe the most amazing show this town has seen in a number of years. Produced by Dark Greene Entertainment, they are the ones behind the "Detroit Music Revolution: Rock and Roll Volume 1" CD that includes all the bands that  performed tonight and then some, all of whom took time out of their own schedules to record various covers of the eras music. Besides filming the entire night for an upcoming documentary of the song, the band, and the times, Dark Greene enlisted the help of Detroit area promotional consultants; On The Rocks-Detroit, who made sure the evening was well attended and went off without a hitch, not an easy task considering the logistics of the event. Checking their egos at the door, 18 Local Bands came together in a celebration of Detroit’s legendary musical history by performing in what may have been the most unique format ever garnered up for a local show, a rolling 10 minute set of 3 songs, 2 their own and the cover they recorded for the CD. Way too cool as all shared the Kit and the Backline, allowing for a quick turn of bands that only had to “Plug In” their instruments on the fly. We must admit that we here at Dr2 were a bit skeptical of the event running on time, but Kevin Sharpe of Dark Greene did a phenomenal job of managing the stage through out the night, maintaining the agreed upon set list & times “within 15 minutes as scheduled” by the end of the night! Hosted by the manager of the legendary group MC5, John  Sinclair, you could feel the magic in the air, making this one of those special nights that only comes around once in a while, giving Dr2 the opportunity to do what we do best, introducing different bands/musicians across genre’s who may not of ever heard of each other, let alone meet. Always a cool reaction too as Dr2 walks away with a smile on our faces as they delve deep into their conversations of “yea I heard of you……”, and then of course sometimes not! Either way, tonight was one of those nights that saw each and every band perform flawlessly during their 3 song sets, making it a night for local music fans to remember. Dr2’s favorite moment came during Powertane’s set when they launched into their cover of the Bob Seger System’s 2+2 Is on My Mind, virtually allowing you to close your eyes, drift back in time and find yourself standing in the parking lot of the Oakland Mall during their grand opening back in 1968, unbelievable! Without a doubt this was one of those high profile events that propels this area’s music into the national spotlight, along with a host of local performers from the night having their names (and pic’s) dropped in the national press, check out the coverage of the event over on and see for yourself! While you’re at it, make sure to check out the rest of the photo’s from the night over in the Dr2 Photo Gallery, and remember to Kick Out The Jams!!!


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