Crofoot on Fire

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Friday the 13th's are usually reserved for superstitions, horror stories, and slasher films, but for Bat on Fire, it's the perfect excuse to throw an extraordinary rock & roll party with some of Detroit's hottest bands and a few hundred of their closet friends. With a line-up the featured such acts as Avarice, Potty Mouth Sissys, Six Months Gone & Pangea hitting the stage starting at 5:30, Dr2 rolled into the Crofoot as Mansfield Park was just ending their set, and was immediately took back by the number of people in attendance. Great to see so many fists in the air, as well as so many familiar faces in the crowd, a positive sign that despite all the negative rumors floating around out there, people will still come to a "Quality Show" when given the chance. Tonight definitely was quality, as the first band we seen tonight, The Pilz, proved. With their energetic lead singer Dani Kastrophe leading the way, this addicting group puts the rock in the roll every time they get on stage, and within minutes had the crowd moving to their undeniable beats as Dani romped across the stage, toying with the crowd along the way.

Pumping up the crowd to near frenzy proportions was Robots in the Garden, another incredibly energetic young band that won a Detroit Music Award Earlier this year as the Vitamin Water “People’s Choice” award, instantly catapulting the group into the “must see” category of today’s bands. Re-formed two years ago, Robots in the Garden came out tonight with a fury of high voltage energy, dropping songs off their latest disc, Missing Pieces, as well as giving us a preview of some new stuff they’ve been working on. Another in a series of amazingly FUN sets from these guys!

Bat on Fire set late last year over at The Hayloft, Dr2 has been chasing the Bats through the streets of Hamtramck and beyond in hopes of catching their full out show. Nominated for Best Pop/Rock Album at the 2010 Detroit Music Awards for their latest effort, Escape From Hades, an epic tale of Greek Mythology, Bat on Fire not only produces some of the area's best concept albums, but literally takes their show to the next level. Unsatisfied with an ordinary local show, BOF promotes their Events as a happening in which their fans dare not miss. Assembling some of the cities finest talent is no easy task, especially when you set yourself up to follow each one of them, yet, BOF thrives amongst the giants of the city, welcoming the challenge that so many artists out there shy from. Tonight was a prime example as BOF brought in 7 of the best to share the stage, opting to hit the stage as the night's final act, and pulled it off as if they were headlining Coachella. It was an amazing end to an amazing night as BOF lit the Crofoot on Fire, taming the large stage with audio and visual effects not usually seen at the local level, even projecting each songs name on the screen behind as they plowed through an outrageous set of self proclaimed prog metal! A genuine "Event" to say the least, and worth every moment we've waited, we'll be first in line to see these guys again, and you should be too! Check'em out for your self, just drop on by the Dr2 Links where you'll find a direct link to their official site, as well as all of the bands from tonight's show! - The Only Place for Local Music News & Reviews!

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