"Bike Night" at Gibraltar Trade Center

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Gibraltar Trade Center






·                                 OPEN EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT; MAY THRU SEPTEMBER (may be extended in good weather)

·                                 HOURS: 7 PM – 2 AM

·                                 COVER: $2.00 p/car before 9pm; none after 9pm

·                                 LARGE BAR:  inexpensive beer and well drinks.

                                   GRILLED FOOD:  (hotdogs, hamburgers, Italian sausage and polish sausage & more!)

·                                 LARGE STAGE FOR LIVE ACTS.

·                                 LARGE DANCE FLOOR

·                                 BOOMING SOUND SYSTEM WITH LARGE PA AND SOUND BOARD

·                                 LARGE, 7,000 SQ FT PAVILLION LOCATED ON PAVED PARKING LOT

·                                 SEATING: Plenty of tables and chairs; set up similar to a Festival

·                                 PARKING: Plenty on site


·                                 WEBSITE:  http://www.gibraltartrade.com/MTCLEMENS/BIKENIGHT.html 



Did any of you realize that Gibraltar Trade Center in Mt. Clemens has a “Rock Room” in their parking lot? No? Neither did we here at Detroit Rock Review, until we checked it out last Friday night. From May thru September (this year till October 5th) The Trade Center hosts a weekly “Bike Night” every Friday inside that huge pavilion that sits in their parking lot along side I-94 in Mt. Clemens. Pulling into the lot the first thing you notice is the swarm of bikes parked around the pavilion, reminded us of “Harley Fest” over @ Freedom Hill. As Dr2 entered this “Open Air” facility, the next thing that hit us was the shear enormity of this pavilion, and of course the beer tub filled to capacity with ice cold bottled beer at the entrance. At 7,000 sq feet, there is no need to worry about finding a place to sit & relax! With all the capacity this place has, you’ll have plenty of room for hanging with your friends in this spacious venue. And with the layout being so large, it offers up plenty of options for you to enjoy your night out. You can find a table up front near the action, or if you like it a little more subtle, you can find a spot further away where you can actually carry on a conversation without screaming. And for all you “in your face” types (BTW-that would be Dr2), it offers up a large area in front of the stage for dancing or jamming along to the music up close and personal. Stepping up to the bar, you’ll find plenty of room and plenty of bartenders who will serve you up your favorite domestic beer or well drink faster than you could just get up to the bar in most places! Here’s the good news, at $2.50 a beer, you’ll have plenty left over to order up some burgers to satisfy your munchies! Did I mention that the beer here is cold? I’m not talking frosty cold either, I’m talking about the beers that come out of the COOLER having ice on them! That’s what I call “Cold Beer”! Checking out the set-up for the bands, Dr2 was totally impressed. The band up there tonight was “Dirty Sanchez”, who had us rocking to the classic hits. With an exceptionally large stage, 3 cabinets & 2 subs on each side, Crown amps, and a sound board located exactly where it should be, the sound emanating from this PA was superb! And if all this isn’t enough to quench your rock & roll party thirst, then stick around to 11:30 when the golf cart pulls up with a ton of free pizza! Yes that’s correct, great tasting, “Free” pizza! Ever get that at other clubs? Ok, now for the bad news, this was the last Friday night of the year that this place will be open. But the good news is it’ll be opening up again next year sometime in May, and you can bet that Dr2 will be there! So keep your eyes on Detroit Rock Review as we’ll be sure to let you all know when this “Bar In The Parking Lot” re-opens in 2008 so you can come join us!

Tell ‘em Dr2 sent ya’!!


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