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     Dawg house – ( dawg houz) A dawg house is a small shed commonly built in the shape of a little house intended for a dawg. It is a structure in which dawgs are kept or can run into for shelter from the elements.A dawg house should not be too big or too small for the intended dawg because of the potential for excessive heat loss or excessive constriction.

 Dr2 looked up the definition you see above for The Dawg House (okay so we edited the spelling a little bit, but the rest is from the dictionary).  What we found is that the definition fits “The Dawg House” to a tee! Located on Groesbeck Hwy in Clinton Township, it is in fact, not a big place, but certainly big enough for a couple hundred of your closest “dawgs” to pile in for some rock-and-roll madness! The Dawg House, owned by Jim Klapp since 2004, is a rarity in the Metro-Detroit music scene.  It is a “structure in which dawgs are kept or can run into for shelter from the elements”.  By that, we mean, on just about any Thursday through Saturday night, you can run from the “club scene” and be treated to some original music from some of the best bands in the metro area as well as some new, “up-and-comers” mixed in.  Entertainment director Mark Jones keeps the mix of new and more established bands fresh so you can count on something different all the time.  This is a true-to-its-roots, rock joint.  “The House” features a great staff, 2 pool tables, TV’s strategically placed around the bar, a patio that is open in the summer and a stage and sound system that blows away some of the more “glitzy” venues around town. Open during the week at 11:00 am, it’s also the perfect place to stop in for a burger and a beer as The Dawg House also boasts a full menu of your favorite munchies.  It is not fancy, just simple and comfortable enough that you can feel good about hanging out with your “dawgs”.  Dawg House Owner Jim Klapp & Awesome Staff With drink specials like 24 oz. cans of beer for $2 before 9:00 p.m. and a reasonable cover at the door, it is not going to break your budget! Da Dawg House has started to feel like DR2’s home-away-from-home as we find ourselves camped out here more and more often because of the  chance to see a new band and/or visit with some we already know and enjoy. It is no secret in the music community either, as you will often find bands hanging out at “the House” supporting their friends if they have a night off. We have to give big kudos to Jim for having the guts in the current club/music environment to continue to stick to the live, original music format that he loves.  He is a true supporter of these bands and has fought the mainstream to create an awesome club.  As the last line of the definition says a “Dawg House should not be too big or too small” we think this house is just the right fit.  Not so big you get lost in the crowd, or so small that you can’t have a good bash.  You can check out the Gig Calendar here at Detroit Rock Review or, as always, check out The Dawg House in our Top Friends over on our MySpace site.  Chances are, if you are reading this, you like original music also, so stop by and give “The Digity” a chance, you won’t regret it.  
Keep Rockin’ 
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