Dr2 View 'Indulgence: A Saga of Lights" from SycAmour

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CD TITLE: Indulgence:A Saga of Lights
ARTIST: SycAmour
RELEASE DATE: September 2nd, 2014
MEMBERS: Jeremy Gilmour ~ vocals
  Tony Sugent ~ vocals
  Zack Ferrell ~ guitar
  Charlie McCormick ~ bass
  Victor Yusel ~ drums
 TRACK LISTINGS:   1) The Measure
    2)  Downpour
    3)  We're In Hell
  4)  Calm Down Juiliet
  5)  Shut The Fuck Up
  6)  Brakes
  7)  Dout (feat Phil Druyor
    8)  Magnati
    9)  Composure (feat Trenton Woodley
  10)  Lack Thereof
  11)  Fine Science
 LABEL:  Hopeless Records

Dr2 View:

We at Dr2 were recently introduced to a young band from the Ann Arbor/Ypsi area of Michigan. The band’s name? SycAmour. We heard about these guys through an email from Big Picture Media, one of dozens we receive each week from publicists, media reps, record companies, etc… Now, we at DR2 have always been committed to listening to anything sent to us, especially if the band mentioned is a Michigan product. Often, we respond to the rep with an opinion, a request to remind us when the band was going to have a show around town, that sort of thing. This particular email caught our attention with a really cool graphic for a disc that was going to be released September 2nd , and a link to a song. Again, nothing unusual for us, but what did catch our interest immediately is that the group was from Michigan, they were going to have a CD Release at The Crofoot (one of our favorite venues), they were on the bill for 89X’s “Chill On The Hill” the same weekend, and, most curious, we hadn’t heard of them before. That all changed really quickly. Following the link, HERE, to the lyric video for the song, Calm Down Juliet (What A Drama Queen), blew us away!! Immediately we knew we wanted to hear more from this 5 person powerhouse! Imagine the energy, flair and general feel of Panic! At The Disco blended with the anger, and in-your-face, F@#K You intensity of Chiodos and you will have some idea what they sound like. We have been spinning the complete disc ever since that first listen and we can tell you that the 11-track carnival of emotion that these guys have put together is a must-have if you are a fan of music that grabs you buy the ears and shakes the living shit out of you. Wrenching every ounce of emotion possible out of a lyric, Calm Down Juliet is definitely the standard-bearer for the disc, most clearly demonstrating Sycamour’s sound and their particular evolution of the genre. But, by no means is it alone in its excellence. It is nestled among other tracks, just as delicious, like the lead track, The Measure, (as in, “of a Man”), an anthemic, questioning, sometimes introspective, sometimes screaming-at-the-top-of-your-lungs defiant romp that lets you know, immediately, that SycAmour is a force to be reckoned with. Or, the aggressive, We’re In Hell ( video available here) and, the stand-together-stand-off defiance of Lack Thereof . The blend of energy, harmony, and shout at the world defiance is brilliant. We at DR2 had a chance to talk to the Jeremy Gilmour (you will see that write-up in the near future, stay tuned to DR2!) and he described the intent of the band’s music is to make you feel something, anything, when you listen. Isn’t that what we all want and need from music? The catharsis, the ability of music to connect to our experience? These guys get it, and you should too. Their Disc, Indulgence: Saga Of Lights is available for pre-order on iTunes and MerchNow. Also, they will be throwing their CD Release Party, with a Masquerade Ball theme at The Crofoot Ballroom, in Pontiac, Friday, Sept 5th. For the cost of admission each person will be getting a copy of the disc and a mask. Then, they will be performing the next day at 89X’s Chill On The Hill. Make sure you get out to see them, you won’t regret it! Pre-Order your copy today on iTunes HERE. DetroitRockReview.com ~ The Only Place for Local Music News & Reviews!

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