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CD TITLE: Matt Austin EP
Matt Austin EP
ARTIST: Matt Austin
RELEASE DATE: September 21st, 2012
TRACK LISTINGS: 1)   Big Black 4WD
  2)   That's What Love's Made Of
3)   Country Kind
4)   The Good Parts
5)   Summertime
6)   American Made
RECORDED AT:  County Q Studio - Nashville, TN

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The Crew here at DR2 have always respected Matt Austin’s ability with a guitar since the first time we saw him, rocking out on the east side at Club 54, at least 6 years ago.  He had just left the Paper Street Saints to head out on his own, in fact, that very Thursday, it was announced that Austin had been selected to play DTE Energy Theatre, sharing the stage with the likes of Def Leopard & Styx as their opening act. We have watched him fight for recognition as a performer here in Detroit, try to hold bands together, gig, and record music, all the while he completely amazed us with his talent. So, we were disappointed, but understanding, when he “took a break” from the music scene to focus on working and raising a growing family. 


It turns out to be the best thing that could have happened, because during this down time he has reconnected with his roots, rediscovered what is important to him, and come back to music with a whole new perspective and a great new sound.  Matt Austin is country!  It is obvious from his new efforts and the tracks off his soon-to-be-released new EP that Country Music is where he was meant to be. For those that have heard Matt in the past, this EP will introduce you to a whole new man.  Matt has found his muse, he has dug down and found what makes music real for him and it comes through loud and clear in every track on the disc. From the Apologetic, girl gone crazy, “Big Black 4WD” to the swing-breazy “Country Kind”, topping it off with the tongue-in-cheek, ode to real love, “The Good Parts”, the Matt Austin EP lays it all out on the table. These tracks have something special to offer. They hit home with the blue-collar workaday stories they tell.  If you work hard, live well, and love strong (sounds like a song title doesn’t it?) you will connect with these in some way.


We know there will be haters out there that will say “he went country because it’s what’s trendy”. All we have to say to them is listen to this disc and you will know one thing, Matt Austin was always country, he just didn’t know it yet.  That rock thing was his youth; this is the man, the performer he was meant to grow into.  Rock was the phase, Country is his calling.  With this EP you will find his song-writing, guitar-riffing, even his vocals have matured and, we have to say, we at DR2 love what we are hearing from Mr. Austin, even more than we liked young Matt.


Matt Austin will be celebrating the release of his new EP this Friday night, September 21st, 2012 at the Magic Bag in Ferndale, doors at 8pm, ALL AGES, tickets $10. For more information, or to check out the tunes yourself, visit his site @www.MattAustinMusic.com, and as always you can find out about any breaking music, news, and reviews here at www.detroitrockreview.com .  Until next time, Keep Rockin’!


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