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CD TITLE: The Show
ARTIST: Natives of the New Dawn
RELEASE DATE: July 6th, 2010
BAND MEMBERS: Vincent Mann ~ (vocals)
Tony "Shoes" Nouhan ~ (vox, keys)
  Joe Fikany ~ (guitar, vox)
Tom Wachter ~ (drums)
Rob Kershaw ~ (bass)
2) No Trouble
3) Little Bit of Something
4) Carry Me Home
5) Gimmie That Thing
6) Follow Me
7) No Way Out

Dr2 View:  

The Detroit-bred and world-tested musical menagerie called Natives Of The New Dawn have a new release out and we here at DR2 scored a copy a couple weeks back and just can't stop listening to the thing! The first day we received it, in a euphoric, ska-hip-hop-jazz-fusion-induced manic episode, we literally listened to it the entire car ride from Detroit To Tennessee (Why Tennessee? That is a completely different story for another time.) The result, we are immigrants to the Natives world. Where else can you find music that blends horns, keys, guitar, spot-on melodies, rap, Stevie Wonder-like vocals, and the lyric "My mellow was massive,....So stop harshing my mellow..Grow up", and that is just the first track!! We love originality and these guys have it oozing out in excess. Imagine a sunny day, the open road and a collection of cuts that meander through the musical landscape from Ska to rap to face-melting rock and back to the mellow, and then imagine they were all on one disc and you have the I-pod-on-shuffle feel of this disc titled "The Show". Some of our favorite tracks, and this is the hard part, because every track offers something unique, would be "No Trouble" which contains a hook that breaks off in your brain and lives there for a week 'til your son/daughter/significant other tells you "would you stop singing that song!!". Another is the reggae-inspired Little Bit Of Something, followed by the mournful, regret-filled, Carry Me Home, the rock anthemic, Gimme That Thing, next, there is the old school, hip-hop, tongue-in-cheek, gem Follow Me (BTW this track reminds us a LOT of a little local group that used to go by the name, "The Crayon Box" J just sayin...)...Okay, I guess you could just see the list of tracks above and you will find a list of our favorites! In Short, we at DR2 are incredibly impressed with what we have heard on this disc and we are even more amped that we have a chance to see them "Live" this weekend and so do you! So join us this Friday Night (Oct 29th) at The Hayloft in Mt. Clemens with Special guests Cody Stagefright, another DR2 favorite. So get out to the Clem this weekend and get a copy of this disc and stop by to say hey, we'll be the guys in the front row losing our minds........in Deetroit, Rock City!! DetroitRockReview.com – The Only Place for Local Music News & Reviews!

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