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Flint's own Frequency Fifty Four has been a Dr2 favorite since the first time we caught them at the now defunct Club 54 a few years back. These guys are and have always been the epitome of what a hard working band looks like and are currently reaping some of the benefits of all that hard work, realizing their dreams of touring across the country. Last year saw the guys on tour in support of Joan Red, a tour that gave them 21 dates in front of countless new fans, while late last year the guys in Frequency Fifty Four were picked up as support for Smile Empty Soul & Halo Burn, a tour they'll end this weekend with a final stop at their home venue, The Machine Shop. With a hit new single, "Last Call" just waiting to bust out, which recently brook into Billboard's "Active 100", Frequency Fifty Four returns home with an army of new fans in tow from around the country, and a new found confidence we hope will be "just what the doctor ordered" to propel these guys into the primetime airwaves! We recently caught up with lead singer, Justin Rose while on the road and posed some questions we had on our mind, so here we go with our 2nd ever Dr2 InterVIEW-



Dr2- Since we first had the pleasure of catching Frequency Fifty Four back in ‘07; your look has changed dramatically. Was it a conscious move, or just a normal progression?

Justin Rose- It was a Normal progression of learning ourselves and evolving as artists.



Dr2- Frequency Fifty Four has been recording for some time now and have a number of albums under your belt, what has been your biggest challenge and where does your inspiration for your songs come from?

Justin Rose- We all get inspiration from different places, This last EP we just released lyrically was inspired by a dark time personally for me. I feel better and my life becomes clearer to me when I write about it.



Dr2- Who does the writing for the band? Lyrics, Music?

Justin Rose- I write all of the lyrics for the band.. and we all write the music together. We like it that way. Everyone has a stake in every song. It's easy to feel what you play when it's a part of you.



Dr2- You recently released a self titled EP that you recorded at Pearl Sound & Endings Studios, what was it like working with Chuck Alkazian?

Justin Rose- Chuck is a great guy and a great producer, but we also did recording with Shane Grush from Endings studios. Shane was an incredible help to us. Only the drums and vocals were done at Pearl. The bass and all the guitars were done with Shane. Shane made everything comfortable and made being creative easy.



Dr2-Most bands find it difficult to record just one album without imploding; you guys have 5 to your name, what's your secret to keeping it all "together"? 

Justin Rose- Determination is everything....love and the "never say die" attitude. You have to have it all. You also have to truly love the guys you're working with. These guys are family to me in every sense of the word.


Dr2-You have been on tour for some time, with Joan Red and currently Smile Empty Soul, what has been the single greatest thing about touring? 

Justin Rose- I love the focus you fall into when you're on the road. I also love to walk into a venue knowing that there is a room full of people that have never heard of us before and have the opportunity to turn them all into fans.



Dr2-What advice can you give other bands if they are considering going on the road?

Justin Rose- Learn how to compromise, learn how to stretch a buck! And most of all, learn how to be humble.



Dr2-What's in your future, more touring, another album?

Justin Rose- Definitely more touring. We need to continue to show the world who we are, The only way that happens is with radio and touring. We will finish our 5th record soon. But right now we need to push our single that's being spun on radio. (Last Call)



Dr2-You have a huge show this weekend at The Machine Shop, which is also your last stop in support of Smile Empty Soul, what can your fans expect? Any surprises up your sleeves?

Justin Rose- No surprises. No matter where we play we use our whole hearts on stage every night. Our fans can expect to see the same hard rock, fun loving band they helped create. Plus, this is not our tour, we are the support act for a very well established group of bands and I am humbled every day to be able to tour and play with such amazing bands.


Dr2- Anything you want to say, feel free!

Justin Rose- Thanks DR2 for supporting Detroit music. You have been great ambassadors of rock in the area and have been great friends.

Dr2- Thanks Justin and we here at Dr2 wish you and the guys the best of luck in your quest to find that pot of gold we just know is within your reach.


Be sure to catch Frequency Fifty Four this Saturday night up at The Machine Shop, get there early as they will be opening up the show. BUT, in the meantime, head on over to their site where you can listen to their latest hit single "Last Call", then go ahead and call your local radio station and request Frequency Fifty Four's Last Call! DetroitRockReview.com - The Only Place for Local Music News & Reviews!

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