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On March 5th 2005 in a dark, musty garage in Southwest Detroit, the band known as Lithium was born. Lithium. Manic Obsession. Those words are enough to frighten any seasoned Detroit metal fan into a stint at their local insane asylum! But then again, they’ll only be prescribed “more Lithium”, which is exactly what one of Detroit’s favorite metal bands will have you screaming from the corner of your padded cell after one listen! Lithium, the drug, is used to treat manic episodes, aggression, and anger caused by various mental issues….while, Lithium, the band, is a high-powered, frenetic, emotion-charged, cathartic, sweat-fest that accomplishes much the same thing, leaving you too exhausted to be angry any more. Distinctly blending a variety of music together to form angry melodic metal, they’ve taken an established genre of music and put their own twist on it. Vocalist Pauly Vino artistically combines a melodic singing with an angry invigorating spin. He commands the stage with a theatrical presence fronting a style of music that energizes the crowd. Lithium's rhythm section Patrick Vadnais and Donny Carlson combine their 90's metal influenced style with guitarist Carl's jazz metal. Lithium has had the pleasure of playing with Papa Roach, Drowning Pool, Dope, Kittie, 1000 ft crutch, Powerman 5000 Static x, Smile Empty Soul, Mushroomhead, Critical Bill, 2 Live Crew, ICP, Twiztid, Digital Underground, Tech9, ABK and Esham. They have been in 3 $10,000 battle finals.

This is Lithium....


Paul was raised in Southwest Detroit where the bad originated from. Paul also plays guitar and Piano. He has a theatrical background that he definitely uses on stage He enjoys all genres of music and is especially influenced by Bjork, Marilyn Manson and Comichrist. Pauley definitely adds to the positive eccentricity of Lithium and blends his astonishing vocals with the amazing musicianship of.....


Patrick Vadnais grew up in Roseville, Michigan. After starting to play drums at the age of 4 Pat, also has learned to play guitar and bass. He is a talented vocalist who loves to write music. He is influenced by Kiss, Alice n Chains, Lamb of God and Slipknot. He loves putting his all in a show and feels it's all worthwhile when people feel the need to sing along. He feels their live shows show people the heart, drive and hunger that the band has and the energy the crowd gives them.


Carl brings a wide variety of style and influences to the overall distinctiveness that is Lithium. Carl started playing at 5 yrs old. He can also play drums, bass, and keyboards. He has a jazz standards background with a hip hop/metal vibe. His influences include the Beatles, Miles Davis and Avenge Sevenfold .He loves being a part of Lithium and the rush of being on stage with family and the talent they each possess.


Donny Carlson is the newest member of Lithium and brings and unabashed energy and addictive energy to the band and the stage. Raised in Warren, Mi he can play guitar and was in Tripline and Erased by Light. Donny's influences include Alice n Chains, Faith No More and the Deftones. He loves the professional musicianship and the heart and energy Lithium possesses. He loves the feeling of being on stage and the addictive rush of energy and serenity it brings.

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