The Product Makes Their Move

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Local rock band The Product has been forging their own path to the top of the hill, and we mean that literally! This 4 pc, comprised of Bernard Perry (vox, guitar), RJ Perry (drums), Rich Bennett (bass, vox), & Charlie Jewell (guitar, vox), has been blazing this trail by taking the proverbial “DIY” attitude, opting for full control of their own writing, recording, producing, mixing, mastering, and releasing their own music. The DIY doesn’t stop there either as the guys in the band keep the hands on approach with all their promo materials, artwork, and even merchandise designs. When most bands would flop back on the couch to take that cat nap, The Product opts to take a swig of Monster and hit the promo road, making calls, and networking, whatever it takes to get their name out there. And guess what? It’s working! And by working we mean the Product is getting their music in front of the right people, and they’ve done it by themselves. 

Take their latest single, released just yesterday, Make Your Move, a hard hitting melodic blast of full bruntal “Productivity”, leaves the faint at heart standing in the dust as the guys have pushed the release to the masses, successfully, landing it dab smack in front of millions of viewers as thee Theme Music for the upcoming TNA’s 2010 Final Resolution pay per view event on December 5th. Make Your Move just screams it’s placement as the theme song to a wrestling event with lyrics like “we got to prove, that you’re gonna lose, so go ahead, make your move”, as fitting of lyrics as can be for such an event, as it is the featured music for the commercial that started airing this week (see video below). Most bands would feel a sense of accomplishment at this point, opting to again lay low, but with the Product, “laying low” isn’t on the radar screen, instead it was more door knocking, emails, meetings, and conference calls to continue the onslaught with their SINGLE!! 

All this ingenuity has paid off, landing a well sought after placement of Make Your Move with the Detroit Red Wings, as they’ve successfully convinced the Illitch Organization to set their highlights to the song and then play it to 22,000 fans nightly at Joe Louis Arena during the Wings home games. To coin a phrase straight from those late night infomercials…..But Wait, There’s More! The Product has stepped up to the plate and have teamed up with Habitat For Humanity, offering up a large portion of the Make Your Move iTunes sales to help the cause in the Detroit Area, a move that has not gone unnoticed as Habitat for Humanity is currently in talks with the guys to become Ambassadors for the cause! Visit iTunes and do YOUR part to help Habitat for Humanity! 

With an upcoming EP scheduled for release in early 2011, The Product continues to position itself for mainstream success, leaving no stone unturned along the way, in fact early next week Charlie & Bj are heading down to Nashville, not to record, but to indulge themselves with a week long writing session as, now get this, guests of Greg Archilla (whose produced Matchbox 20, Collective Soul, Safetysuit, Framing Hanley, and The Veer Union!!) and will be staying at his place……..Not Bad Boys, Not Bad at all! 

Keep in eye out for The Product before they’re opening for a Paramore or the like, but in the meantime, hit up this free download of their take on BTO’s One Is The Loneliest Number.


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