Brrr-out Continues!

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The Brrr-out Continues!

 Brrrrrrout is what it should be called! Friday night found Dr2 and Crew heading back into Hamtramck for Day 3 of this all out music marathon. Launch party, Thursday’s 1st night, now Friday. Thank god for the Budweiser sponsorship, the Molson made it tougher to get through this awesome event. Hit a bunch of bands tonight, so many it seems some blended together. Damn weather. Last year it was a bit drizzly, but it was a lot milder compared to the blustery winds and freezing temps last night. 1st up was Kelly’s bar and a set by Detroit’s own 60 Second Crush. The Crushers had 2 shows tonight, 10 pm here at Kelly’s then 12:30 way up in Fenton at Mo Doggies. Staying true to the Crusher style, the band summoned up the ultimate in Rock Star comfort, a genuine “Prevost” tour bus for the trip to the show with a huge entourage in tow! Check the pics here. We’ve seen these guys a number of times before and they’ve always put on a great live show. Not tonight….tonight they put on one of the most truly “Hellacious” shows that we here at Dr2 have witnessed anywhere. Not letting the small confines of Kelly’s Bar deter them, 60 Second Crush literally shredded the place, Tommy T belting out his “Talk Dirty To Me” while expanding the “non-stage” by hopping on top of the bar as a gorgeous Crusher girl danced all over him!

  Totally amazing vibe in this place tonight, and may have been on of the best of the Blowout this year. Could only imagine what went on inside that tour bus between shows….. Back in the car, no shuttle or parking troubles for Dr2 tonight as we shot on over to the Atlas Bar to check out how things were rolling there. Man, must be one of the craziest pubs on the blowout circuit, basically a corner house that has been converted into the neighbor hood bar. Caught the end of the set by Spitting Nickles, kind of a classic rock type of band, then was able to catch the beginning of Flatfoot’s set, more of a country rock act, place was small and crowded, perfect setting for the blowout. Leaving the Atlas we found ourelves fighting upwind on Yeman’s, trying to locate our truck beneath the blowing snow. Once in we headed over to Jos Campau to hit up the PLAV Post & Jean’s. PLAV Post was’s headquarters so, as expected, we were in for some good old country music here. We caught the end of Horse Cave Trio first with Justine Blazer following. Both solid performers, but despite the sweet looking sound board, the Cabinets  were lacking, so was the sound, something that should be of the utmost importance, sometimes gets overlooked, at least they had cheap food and free chips! Heading back outside, we had a “short” freezing walk down the street to Jean’s and we were able to catch the set by Regal. Never been in this place before and the first thing we noticed was the size of the cabinets. No messing around here!  Regal had the placed pretty filled as they blasted us with their hard garage rock including a variety of guest players filling in for an injured member. Crazy shit going down as some streets were blocked due to a massive house fire, causing us to detour as we headed on over to the Knights Of Columbus Hall to finish the night out with the Detroit Cobras. Man they had this placed filled shoulder to shoulder in about half the hall. Great set by these old favorites. Cool lights they had set up here this year, and definitely a great sounding PA. What another awesome night of Michigan Made Music, despite the weather, seems Dr2 always has a riot as we roam the streets of Hamtramck looking for those live venues during the Blowout week! Remember to stop on over to our MySpace to catch a look at all the pic’s from tonight! If you'd like a different perspective of the Blowout, head on over to where they have an extensive Blowout-ology page! Remember, Support Local Music before it’s Gone, and there’s no better way than to get to the Blowout!

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