Let The Blowout Begin!

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Let The Blowout Begin!


Well it's early March and that can mean only one thing, It's The Blowout! Now in it's 13th year, the Blowout is the largest local music festival on the planet, featuring 170+ Bands in 17 different venues over 4 nights throughout the city of Hamtramck, except for the Kick-off party that will invade the Majestic complex beginning tonight! As in year's past, this festival showcases an array of Detroit's best local talent across a swath of different genres, many on the same stage and night as to offer the Blowout attendees  a chance to catch a variety of different acts they normally may not see in an attempt to garner as much attention as possible for even the least known bands. The format works, plain & simple! Dr2 has been attending this fest for many years and have yet been disappointed with what we've stumbled across. Mind you, there is absolutely no way to catch every band on the schedule. Worst yet, there is absolutely no way to maintain the most well thought out plan that attempts to get you to each band you set out to see. But that right there is where the Blowout shines! It is more of an adventure than an evening or in this case 4 nights out! With 170 bands ready to blow your face out, it is best to pick a band or venue where you want to start off at, maybe meet up with your friends, cus it is at that very point when all your plans will go to hell. In fact, as your watching that first band you wanted to see, you'll strike up a conversation with a member of the band that follows who convinces you stay "just one song", that turns out to be 4! Or you just happen to run into those friends you haven't seen since the last Blowout and they convince YOU to go with THEM to see THIS band, and so on, and so on, and so on......before you know it, the night is ending and you've just realized that you didn't see any of those acts that you sent out to see, which is exactly what the Blowout is all about!


Now we could sit here and tell you what bands you should see, or which bands we're going to see, but we know that neither you or us are going to stick to the plan, and besides, we know from past experience that it just doesn't work out that way, nor would we ever want it to so, for a complete schedule, maps, venues & set times, head on over to the Metro Times Blowout page right here. And for all you that just need a bit of a push or suggestion of who, what, and where to see bands, we'll give you our top picks of each night, just remember, half sets are OK, and who knows, we just may see you there.....but then again you just might not. Let The Blowout Begin!



Wednesday (Kick off Party) March 3rd-

          This is an easy one, there all inside the Majestic Complex, go   see them all!


Thursday March 4th-


          9pm             The Belmont                   Michael Seger & EFB

          10pm           New Dodge Lounge        No, Really!

          10:40pm      Whiskey in a Jar              Jesus Chainsaw Masacre

          10:40pm      Kelly's Bar                      Bat on Fire

          11:20 pm     Black Irish                      Painted Lady

          11:40pm      Kelly's Bar                      Odayin

          12:00pm      New Dodge Lounge        60 Second Crush


Friday March 5th-


          10pm           New Dodge                     Spitting Nickels

          10:40pm      G of C Lounge                Lettercamp

          10:40pm      Kelly's Bar                      James & The Rain Bros

          11:00pm      G of C Hall                     Gorvette

          12:00pm      G of C Hall                     Octopus

          12:00pm      New Dodge                     The Sights

          12:20pm      The Belmont                   Friendly Foes

          1:00 am        New Dodge                     The Hard Lessons


Saturday March 6th-


          10:20pm      Kelly's Bar                      JTX

          12:20pm      G of C Lounge                Lightning Love

          12:20pm      Paycheck's                     Beggars      

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